Lipstick Trends 2023

Bold and Vibrant Colors

Bold and vibrant lipstick shades are making a splash in the makeup industry, with more people embracing these eye-catching colors. The timeless classic red lipstick remains a popular choice, exuding confidence and empowerment. Affordable options from drugstore brands like Maybelline and L’Oreal cater to various skin tones and preferences, ensuring everyone can find their perfect shade.

Long-lasting Formulas and Unique Shades

One standout trend is the Cherry Cola Lips, a shade that turns darker and brown through a combination of brown lip pencil and red lipstick. This unique color has even inspired a trending hair color on social media, #CherryCokeHair. The popularity of Cherry Cola Lips suggests that bold colors may be making a comeback.

Lipsticks with moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and avocado oil not only offer vibrant shades but also care for your lips.


These lipsticks enhance your natural beauty while providing a pop of color. Tailor your lipstick shades to different occasions and outfits for a versatile makeup look.

The Role of Social Media and Unconventional Shades

Social media plays a significant role in popularizing beauty trends and products. Although the use of face masks has led to a decline in lipstick usage, bright and fun shades can still be incorporated into makeup looks. Dark and unconventional lipstick shades like black, blue, and gray have become more popular, with makeup artist Donni Davy stating that the trend is shifting away from warm, nude lips.

The rise of odd lip colors is a cyclical trend, inspired by subcultures like punk and grunge in the 1980s and 1990s. Makeup brands have responded to the trend by creating high-saturation pencils, ’90s-inspired lipsticks, and glittery glosses. This shift towards self-expression and rejecting traditional beauty standards is part of a larger trend in the makeup industry.

Embracing Bold Lipstick Trends

This summer’s top makeup trends include bold lip colors, colorful eyeliner, and a choice between soft matte or glowing skin. Other trends include popsicle lip colors, “rock chick” eyelashes, and metallic eyeshadows in bold colors. Embrace these trends and express your unique style with bold and vibrant lipstick shades in 2023.

Metallic and Glitter Finishes

Metallic and glittery lipsticks are taking the beauty world by storm in 2023. Inspired by the opulent vibes of the 80s and Elizabeth Taylor, these dazzling finishes add a touch of glamour to any makeup look.

Popular Shades and Finishes

Silver and gold shades dominate the metallic lipstick trend, while holographic and iridescent hues are popular for glittery lipsticks. These finishes are perfect for making a statement and embracing the maximalist trend in makeup.

Drag artists on TikTok, known for their bold and expressive looks, have influenced the popularity of metallic and glittery lipsticks. Online platforms like TikTok allow beauty influencers and consumers to share tips, techniques, and product recommendations in an engaging format. Check out TikTok for inspiration and tutorials on how to rock these trends.

Frosted Lipstick Revival

Frosted lipstick, a 90s favorite, is experiencing a revival in 2023.


Celebrities and everyday makeup enthusiasts alike are wearing this shimmery finish on red carpets and casual outings. The Y2K influence and fashion’s cyclical nature contribute to the rise of this trend.

Long-wearing and Smear-resistant Formulas

Lipstick brands are focusing on creating long-wearing and smear-resistant formulas that are comfortable to wear and provide high saturation. These innovative formulas allow metallic and glittery lipsticks to last all day without compromising on comfort or color payoff.

Sustainability in Lipstick Packaging and Formulations

As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly beauty products grows, manufacturers are increasing their focus on sustainability in lipstick packaging and formulations. Brands like Refillable Lipstick offer refillable lipstick cases and natural ingredients, making it easier for consumers to make environmentally conscious choices.

In 2023, metallic and glitter finishes are not only about making a bold statement but also about embracing self-expression and pushing beauty boundaries. With a variety of shades and finishes available, there’s a metallic or glittery lipstick for everyone to enjoy. So, go ahead and add some sparkle to your makeup routine!

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Lipsticks

The beauty industry is shifting towards environmentally responsible products, and lipsticks are no exception. With increasing demand for sustainable options, brands are stepping up to offer eco-friendly lipsticks that not only look good but also do good for the planet.

Green Beauty on the Rise

Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of traditional makeup products. As a result, sustainable lipstick options are gaining popularity. These lipsticks often use natural or organic ingredients and come in recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials. AAPI-owned brands like Youthforia, Clean Circle, and Pink Moon are leading the way in offering sustainable products.

Supporting Social Sustainability

Some brands go beyond eco-friendliness by supporting social sustainability initiatives. Indigenous-owned Cheekbone Beauty donates to youth programs and has a scholarship fund. Similarly, TerraCycle offer cosmetic packaging recycling programs to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Natural Makeup Looks Trending

Sustainable lipstick options are not only better for the environment but also for personal health, as they do not contain harmful chemicals. Natural makeup looks, including pared-down wedding makeup, are trending on social media platforms like TikTok. The focus on a natural, minimal look aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly lipsticks.

In response to this demand, the cosmetics industry is developing new formulations and packaging options. As we move into 2023, expect to see more sustainable and eco-friendly lipstick options on the market, making it easier for consumers to make responsible choices while staying on-trend.

Two-toned and Ombre Lips

The comeback of two-toned and ombré lip looks in 2023 reflects the ongoing trend towards bold, maximalist makeup and a desire for individualism and self-expression. With a history dating back to ancient cultures, these techniques have endured and been adapted to fit contemporary trends.

Two-toned Lips: A Timeless Technique

Two-toned lip looks have a long history, dating back to ancient cultures such as the Mayans and Egyptians. This enduring popularity demonstrates the versatility of this technique. Today, makeup lovers are embracing two-toned lips by using two shades of the same color or experimenting with contrasting hues for a more daring look.

Ombré Lips: Gradient Perfection

Ombré lips involve blending two or more shades to create a gradient effect. This trend has gained popularity thanks to seamless blending techniques and the ability to personalize the look with numerous color combinations. Popular brands for creating ombré lips include MAC and Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment, are essential for hydrated and conditioned lips. The use of lip masks as a conditioning treatment for the lips has become popular due to the emphasis on self-care and skincare in the beauty industry.

Inspiration from Fashion and Pop Culture

The popularity of metallic lip looks has been attributed to a desire for futuristic and sci-fi inspired fashion and beauty trends, as well as a nod to the ’80s. Makeup trends often reflect what’s happening in the fashion industry, with designers and beauty brands collaborating on looks for the runway.

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, embracing new colors, products, and techniques, the possibilities for personalization and creativity in lip looks are endless. Two-toned and ombré lip trends in 2023 showcase the perfect blend of boldness, individualism, and timeless appeal.

Lipstick Innovations and Technology

Lipstick innovations and technology are taking center stage in 2023, with groundbreaking advancements in formulations and application techniques. These cutting-edge developments promise to revolutionize the way we wear and apply lipstick.

Revolutionary Formulas

New lipstick formulations are focusing on natural and organic ingredients, catering to the growing demand for clean beauty products. Companies like Libo Cosmetics are leading the way with their award-winning Venus Refillable Aluminium Lipstick, made of 100% aluminum and refillable for a sustainable approach.

In addition to eco-friendliness, vibrant and deep colors with 3D relief are expected to make a splash in 2023, offering a wide range of finishes to suit every skin tone and personal preference.

Smart Application Techniques

Ease of use and precision are at the forefront of lipstick application innovations.


New applicators, like lip stamps and brushes, make it easier to apply lipstick evenly and perfectly in just one swipe. AI technology is also being utilized to create custom lipstick shades based on a consumer’s skin tone and preferences, ensuring the perfect match every time.

Embracing Sustainability

As awareness of the environmental impact of cosmetic products increases, natural and sustainable ingredients are becoming more popular. Non-toxic and eco-friendly packaging, like the Venus Refillable Aluminium Lipstick, are gaining traction as consumers seek out green beauty options.

Alternative Lip Color Options

Lip tinting with a sheer wash of color is gaining popularity as a low-maintenance and natural-looking alternative to traditional lipstick. This trend caters to those seeking a more subtle and effortless lip look.

In summary, lipstick innovations and technology in 2023 are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, offering consumers new and exciting options for a swipe of color. From sustainable and eco-friendly products to advanced application techniques, the future of lipstick is bright and full of potential.

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